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Our Purple Spring Home CareTeam

We are Caregiver specialist provider of high-quality in-home care and companionship for Senior or Older loved one throughout Chicagoland.

Purple Spring Home Caregivers, Inc.

Founded by a family of caregivers, we understand the immediate challenges of senior patients as well as the benefits of receiving personalized in-home care. We have walked a mile in your shoes, and we base the quality of care on our personal caregiving experiences.

We Are More Than Just a Company 

To us, it’s about building a more personal connection with every patient. We are not a company; we are a family. Likewise, we don’t take new clients; we take new family members. We know that you want nothing but the best care for your loved one, so count on us to treat your senior like family and make them cherish every second with us.

Sabrina B., Founder and Managing Director

Purple Spring Home Caregivers, Inc. commence from personal experience of Sabrina. She founded and started supporting seniors in Palos Hills, Illinois in 2017.

It was through her personal experience that opened her eyes and saw an enormous gap that was not being addressed properly in providing care for seniors in the market. In dealing with these various caregivers, she found out that either she couldn’t acquire caregivers to answer her inquiries or that the companies would respond left something to be desired in her level of professionalism. It was straightforward to her that someone really needed to address these flaws  — the product being Senior home aged care specialist.

A Family of Compassionate, Reliable Caregivers

Seeking help from caregivers you barely know is a tough decision to make. We feel the same way when finding additional members to our family of caregivers. To ensure we welcome the right people, our screening process includes the following steps:

Verify Application:

Each and every potential candidate go through with a detailed application to provide their information about his or her past work history, education, certifications, credentials, and caregiving skills.

Conduct Background Checks:

Before making an offer, Purple Spring Home Caregivers, Inc. conducts a drug screening, criminal check, fingerprinting, DMV check, and Social Security validation. We also verify and validate past job history and require positive responses from all references – or the candidate is not hired.

Conduct Interview:

A thorough in-depth, in-person interview is conducted to further assess their experience, proficiency, empathy, and ability to communicate effectively. This also helps us match or suit caregiver skill sets to the client needs.

Conduct Orientation, Provide Training and Education:

Before being assigned to any clients, Caregivers must pass a comprehensive training and orientation program to ensure they are knowledgeable about policies, procedures and requirements, and can start operating effectively and safely from the start.

Our top priority is the safety and satisfaction of our Clients. Which is why we seriously take our hiring process thoroughly. To learn more about finding the perfect and compassionate Caregiver for you or for your loved ones, call us at 630-999-4655 or fill out our online contact form.