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Our Mission

Our Mission is To Enhance and Boost the Quality of Life, provide exceptional Care and Support  for those We Serve – to Older Adults and people who needs special care. 

Our mission by all means identifies our main core:

Enhance –  Our service focuses on pure intention that will lead to an improvement or reformation in your or your loved one’s circumstances.

Improve the Quality of life – Needs are different. Circumstances are unlike. Enjoyment of life differs from person to person. The condition is a subjective evaluation of what is your or your loved one’s quality of life, how it has been compromised and how it can be revived and improved.

Serve – to deliver and provide a service that is benign, assists and helps you in any meaningful way, achieves a certain purpose, to do a duty or task, that is being paid for, in the condition or manner in which you want it.

Purple Spring Home Caregivers, Inc. is all about the individual, about giving care that makes a conclusive difference in your life or your loved one’s experience.

Our Vision

To ensure that Purple Spring Home Caregivers, Inc. is the leading choice when it comes to non-medical home care services. Delivering an extensive Care Support experience throughout Chicago.

Our Values

We advocate a culture of care by respecting each individual when engaging and working with others and observing our Code of Conduct.  It means providing a superb and pleasant work environment.

Nurturing service excellence and maintaining improvement means understanding the client needs and wants, demonstrating flexibility and ensuring that service provided exceeds the expectations through persistent development.

We equip and empower employees to be self-motivated and be involved.  This drives our dedicated staff to be proactive and promotes a learning high-spirit culture.

We encourage innovation.  This means applying creative thinking to challenge the way we work.  By questioning current ideas, problem solving creatively and searching for excellence, we will continuously improve and grow our business.