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A Caregiver’s Role in Medication Reminder

As we grow old, there will come a time when we will experience difficulty in remembering routines and recalling everyday regular chores. We deem it best that it would be of absolute help to avoid this constant fear and anxiety if this challenge is acknowledged and supported. The imminent stress caused by forgetfulness is far too underscored while forgetting essential tasks such as medication is alarming and poses serious dangers to our way of living. Fear not because in reality,  solutions can be made to prevent issues like these from arising.

Our non-medical in-home caregiver is an efficient way to provide and supply basis medical care, monitoring and even companionship for your loved one as we have always stressed in the past. Along with assisting in everyday tasks, our professional caregivers are glad to supply relief and aid in one of the most crucial aspects of a senior patient or a loved one’s total well-being: their medication.

In situations when an elderly patient tends to take medications incorrectly - say, in the form of wrong doses or wrong prescribed hours- multiple doses are often taken or missed. This is where our in-home caregiver enters the picture by acting as a memory aid. This unique role allows them to prevent issues by reminding the patient of the proper time and dosage for taking their medicines. They can also secure that the physician’s instructions on a patient’s medications are not only properly administered but are strictly followed and monitored.

Your Purple Spring In-Home care provider can also act as a line of communication between you, the patient and the physician. During follow up appointments, the caregiver may or may not attend and take necessary notes of the medications consumed, changes in the actual medication and help implement them into a patient’s daily schedule. Should issues arise in the intake of the prescribed dosage of these medications, the caregiver may inform the physician. This is an effective way of ensuring that side-effects are kept minimum and that your loved one is taking necessary medications as reminded.
Finally, an in-home caregiver understands the significance of storing medications promptly and checking them before use. Should any medicine or prescription appear discolored with a foul odor, it will be promptly disposed thereby ensuring the safety and health of your loved one. A medication reminder can help keep an eye on and eliminate the possibility of simple forgetfulness. In Purple Spring Home Caregivers, our medication reminder service helps you or your loved ones remember when to take their pills or medicines to help keep them healthier.

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