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A Caregiver’s Role in Transportation

The ability to travel around town, going where we want or need to go whenever we need or choose to, is a freedom that most of us enjoy. But for a growing portion of our elderly population, what was once a routine such as going to the grocery store, the drug store, or even to the mall for shopping or a movie now poses daily challenges or difficulties. As our loved ones age, driving becomes less and less of an option and we find ourselves seeking to find alternatives to assist our elderly need in getting to and from their daily activities.

We understand that it is important for senior patients and your loved ones to remain mobile whilst keeping their social independence with friends and family; to reduce notions and unexpressed feelings of isolation and loneliness together with several other life-prolonging benefits. We value your freedom amongst all. This we aim to show by not limiting your self-sufficiency but rather expanding it. If you or your loved one is no longer able to drive or may require assistance in doing so, we will be glad to render assistance to you. One critical bit of keeping up your self-sufficiency is the opportunity that joins having transportation at your organization. On events that you regularly would have jumped in the auto and left, Purple Spring Home Caregivers, Inc. can help! We will help you prepare by driving and remaining with you, and thereafter, we take you home secured and sound at the end of the day.

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