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Light Housekeeping

To a senior patient or to a loved one, performing daily tasks could be a challenge. It is our mission to alleviate their burden and share the tasks to ensure that their well-being and comfort are all accounted for. Here at Purple Home Spring Caregivers, Inc., we give proven and trusted caregivers who can play out various run of the mill family assignments. This helps engage your friends and family keep living autonomously in the home they love. We make it feasible for your maturing guardian or incapacitated family elderly friends and family to appreciate the true serenity that confesses all and uncluttered home while leaving all the messy work to us.

What is lighthousekeeping?

The duties involved in light housekeeping are those that maintain an orderly living space that allows the person being cared for to reside in a clean environment while obtaining a sense of peace of mind knowing that daily tasks are completed in their behalf.

A caregiver is responsible to clean up after him or herself and to attend to the upkeep of the client’s most immediate space, attending only to the areas that are affected while he or she is on duty. To secure comfort, the caregiver is expected to make the bed by preparing clean sheets and maintaining that they are changed regularly. This may also include addressing the client’s closet, doing only the client’s laundry and nightstand. Should an accident occur during the caregiver’s visit, cleaning the immediate area is a priority to avoid further damage and accidents in the part of the patient.

What is the scope of light housekeeping?

It is important to note that light housekeeping duties do not include moving furniture or display items to clean under them. The degree and detail of cleaning varies based on individual preferences, but the standard duties are to maintain order and an acceptable level of cleanliness. In terms of house cleaning, in a nutshell, light housekeeping is completing the specific tasks required to tidy up indoor areas that a client uses When it comes to meal preparation, the dishes used for the caregiver and the patient’s meal will be cleared away, washed and put back in the cupboard orderly. In the bathroom, a bath may be drawn and towels prepared beforehand for their use. Towels and clothes used will be placed in the laundry. A caregiver sees to it that the bathroom sinks, shower tub, toilet, countertop and mirrors wiped down.

Light housekeeping, as part of a homecare service, is offered and restricted to the client and those areas used by the client. This includes areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. It should not be confused as a housekeeping service as light housekeeping is only one part of an overall care service provided to an elderly or disabled adult to make their lives safer and more pleasant. Needless to say, light housekeeping  enables a loved one to go on about their daily activities whilst maintaining the convenience of comfort that they need. It will allow them to enjoy the luxury of being relieved knowing that their utmost concerns are taken care of.

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