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Meal Preparation

Ensuring that our beloved elderly and patients are having nutritional and healthy meals on a regular basis is another essential service we provide as a non-medical in-home care. Too often, we witness our loved ones, especially the sick, unable to prepare meals themselves or may simply lack the strength, the proper appetite or the proper stimulation to eat. In Purple Spring Home Caregivers, we ease your burden of having to be anxious about whether your loved one is receiving the proper and healthy meals. In home caregivers can provide tasty and nutritious meals for your loved ones, as well as help them find the strength and desire to eat and keep up their strength.

Our caregivers seek to provide nutritionally balanced meals with all the proper vitamins recommended by a patient or elderly’s physician. We also encourage them to perform daily tasks as necessary such drink water throughout the day as needed since it is known that hydration is even more important for those that are home-bound.

Careful meal planning is highly crucial for our loved ones  who are not capable of providing themselves the balanced meals they need to stay fit and healthy. With the help of your nutritionist, our caregivers can assist in developing meal plans with all the proper food groups necessary in your loved ones diet: fruits, vegetables, fiber, and more. This will allow us to properly monitor and guide the nutrient intake of the patient, especially those with cases of diabetes or high blood pressure which are common among the elderly.

Meal preparation is very essential to maintain a sound lifestyle for seniors. Some senior clients are on specific diets and need to have meals prepared to meet those needs. Allow us to assist you in ensuring that your loved one gets the proper nutrients and care he or she deserves. Meal plans for seniors can be both simple and flavorful with a little care. Purple Spring Home Caregivers prepare and encourage proper diet and nutrition based on the senior client's individual needs and desires, including diabetic diets, low sodium diets, low sugar diets, and many other special diets. You can expect us to thoroughly inspect and ensure the safety of the food to prevent the spread of bacteria or food-borne illnesses.

Finally, know that our home care association is proposed to engage you in a meaningful preparation for the weekly meals of your loved one. With a changed personality setup made and meal plan designed according to his or her precise needs, together with you and your family, we can help you to wind up more independence with the motivation being ensuring that a loved one stays healthy and fit even while at home.

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind