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The Art of Specialized Senior Care

Senior care, or simply elder care, is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. It is the primary goal of our Specialized Senior Care in our In-Home Care services which provides seniors with assistance, while allowing them to maintain as much privacy and independence as possible. Here in Purple Spring Home Caregivers Inc. the concept of specialized senior care allows senior patients to uphold their freedom in a professionally managed and carefully designed setting.  This approach in healthcare provides the elderly with needs that go beyond basic caregiving. With this service, patients can rest easy knowing specialists can supply and help with all of their needs.

As a non-medical in-home caregiving agency, one of our services aligned with the specialized senior care program is geared towards Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory care. We understand how much of a devastating and difficult condition Alzheimer’s Disease or AD is. Your loved one’s physician may have discussed AD with you as having early, mid, and late-stage behaviors. Ongoing research in the community has long been dedicated to finding a cure while improving diagnosis and care practices. In-home care provides a sense of normalcy. At the same time, it renders a sense of companionship and supervision, things that are usually looked for by the elderly as they continue with their lives. With this personal service, your loved one can easily stay at home and have their needs attended to.

In an effort to provide the professional services while reducing the need to disturb daily routines, our services are situated at a place convenient to a patient. This eliminates the necessity for specialists to transport a senior patient to a medical facility. In turn, it allows a senior to conveniently, soundly and safely rest in the confines of their own homes. After all, it is by opting to stay in a comfortable and familiar environment that any form of stress is best reduced and physical and emotional support are aided thereby leading to a pleasant, immediate and optimal recovery.

We have long sought to place the welfare and needs of our patients above anything else. It is due to this very belief that we are committed to hiring only the highly educated and trained caregivers to cater to the best level of support and assistance your loved ones need. With a comprehensive home care in Chicago, not only are you rest assured but you are also guaranteed of receiving only the utmost quality of professional service getting the best quality of care that you or your loved one deserves.

We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind