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The Essence of Companionship

Growing old does not connote to wallowing alone in the sadness of comfort and longing. As one goes through aging, the more one feels the need for a companion. Earlier, we discussed how we can build our mutual trust and how our services can improve the quality of a senior patient’s life. This time, allow us to focus on one of our key services in non-medical in-home care: companionship.

What is companionship?

Companionship is the good feeling that comes from being with someone else. Here in Purple Springs Home Caregivers, we go beyond the denotation and lifts the meaning further from its sole purpose. We believe that companionship indulges you a sense of closeness by being with another person - may it be your relative or a caregiver who devotes his or her time in looking after your welfare. A feeling of fellowship or togetherness is what encompasses companionship — it's one of the reasons older people seek the accompaniment of a fellow human being. The need for companionship is very human, very normal, and very necessary. It gives us emotional balance and lets us enjoy life.

What does it mean to be a companion?

A companion is one who serves as a friend or as a partner in your daily life. To be a companion is to regard another person’s well-being with the same importance as your own. To be a companion is to find delight in joining a fellow human being in fulfilling his tasks. To be a companion is to ensure that your patient’s needs are met on a daily basis and that he or she finds refuge in your comfort. To be a companion is to know that keeping company comes with respecting individual preferences. Lastly, to be a companion is to enjoy the reward of life together.

Why is companionship important?

Companionship is essential in establishing a sense of belonging. Without it, people tend to become lonely and even depressed, which is why our society needs to make more of an effort to meet the companionship needs of the elderly. This is where Purple Spring Home Caregivers perfectly fits in. This is because we recognise the need to give emotional support in addition to physical support. There are many ways by which our well-trained caregivers can offer companionship. They can help you engage in a meaningful conversation or take part in interacting and doing hobbies or activities with the senior patient. We can also offer assistance with medication reminders, performing light housekeeping duties as well as planning social events and keeping appointments. We also see to it that we are able to interact with the family members to keep them abreast of their loved one’s condition.

Companionship is a symbiotic relationship that enables the senior to thrive. Having friends and companions enables a person to openly deal and talk about challenges, express grief and happiness, and to find resources to solve problems. Who better to trust the companionship of your loved one than with family of caregivers who treats your as our own family member? After all, we have long sought to understand that the essence of companionship is fundamental to a person’s overall health and well-being.

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